‘Crush the Champions!’ Winner Crowned!

enLast weekend twelve brave warriors competed in our latest Stronghold Crusader 2 tournament. ‘Crush the Champions!’ pitted four teams of two against four solo players in the ultimate test of Stronghold strategy and mastery of RTS gameplay. After 16 hard-fought matches in the desert our tireless warriors can now rest in peace, while those who emerged victories can enjoy their prizes! More

Contestants Revealed


After an avalanche of applications for our ‘Crush the Champions!’ tournament we have randomly selected 12 lucky contestants to take part. Each will be given the opportunity to do one of two things: Demonstrate their superior solo tactical skills or prove that teamwork is the ultimate weapon. More

‘Crush the Champions!’ Tournament

en smallDo YOU have what it takes to defeat a team of two bloodthirsty challengers in a special handicap match? Perhaps you’d rather be on the other side… Challenging some of the greatest veteran Lords in Stronghold history with a teammate at your side. More

GOG Tournament Finals

gog_finals_main_screen_1Just two players are left standing following Dardamen’s slaughter in the players’ bracket. They are no doubt now hard at work improving their APM and will soon be ready to clash horns in the GOG tournament semi-finals this Sunday! Our brave winner will then go on to do battle with the Firefly branch winner. More

Contestants Revealed


Our swords polished, the battlefield prepared and eight contestants chosen… We are ready to fight! Starting this Friday November 20th, our brave team of developers will be taking on a group of eight randomly-selected players to compete for the title of Stronghold Crusader 2 Winter Champion in 2015. As always each battle will be accompanied by live commentary and plenty of chances for viewers to win GOG codes for our games and DLC. Read on for a list of contestants and full details. More

Stronghold GOG Tournament

en SHC2We’re thrilled to finally announce that Stronghold Crusader 2 will be coming soon to GOG (formerly Good Old Games). This new version of the game will be DRM-free and has also been reworked to be fully compatible with the new features of GOG Galaxy. Galaxy is GOG’s online gaming platform, which means you can enjoy the full multiplayer experience as well as achievements, chat, game-time tracking and more completely DRM-free! More

‘Siege That!’ Victor Crowned

enFirst off a massive thank you to the gallant warriors who fought bravely in our ‘Siege That!’ tournament besieging three mighty castles. We had a great time defending against the onslaught of catapults and archer fire, clashing swords with the multiplayer community that’s so important to the Crusader games. The peasants of Pyke Castle, DoubleHill and Steinschloss can now live in peace, with the last bloody battle fought in Sunday’s grand finale. More

‘Siege That!’ Tournament – Final Round Giveaway

enAs valiantly as they fought, the ghosts of the dead now scattered around Firefly’s ‘DoubleHill’ castle will haunt brave players for many years to come. In a series of thrilling battles seven Lords attempted to siege the DoubleHill fortress, with just two proving mighty enough to slay the defending Lord. More

Tournament Contestants Revealed

enThanks to the brave souls who applied for our official Crusader 2 ‘Siege That!’ tournament, each hoping to secure one of 20 sought-after spots, we can now reveal the full tournament roster! As promised we have randomly selected 20 lucky contestants from the total pool of entrants, all looking to go on the offensive and demonstrate their besieging abilities in the first round this Sunday! More