New Speed Painting: Arabic Healer



We are proud to reveal the Arabic Healer, a brand new unit for the Stronghold series. Recruited at the Mercenary Post by either Crusader or Arabic Lords, the Healer is capable of fully healing nearby units and will do so automatically in the heat of battle. He is the perfect addition to an attacking force and even better in groups, allowing your front line soldiers to do the fighting while being healed in the middle of a fight.

Community Q&A Video – Part 5



In this new Q&A video Nick once again answers questions from the Stronghold community. Brought to you direct from the Firefly Studios London HQ, this fifth video in our series of community question and answer features for Crusader 2 revolves around the game’s AI characters, soundtrack and the post-release DLC. Also covering topics such as fire mechanics, fog of war and difficulty levels, Nick reveals all. More

Voice Acting: Behind the Scenes



Players often ask us if the voice acting for the Stronghold games is handled in-house by Firefly Studios. While that is extremely flattering and suggests we have a wide range of talents in addition to coding, art and design, it is unfortunately far from the truth. We actually use a wide range of professional voice actors to get the medieval atmosphere of our games just right.

Meet the Shah

meet the shah


Simon Bradbury introduces us to the Shah in our latest Gambitious video update. One of the easier opponents in the game, the wealthy Shah likes his home comforts more than he does attacking other players. On the other hand his supplies of gold and other resources are plentiful, making him an excellent ally when you need a bit of extra money. The Shah will be one of eight different AI characters featured in the game at launch, each with their own castle, tactics, defences and favourite troops. More

New Tiers: Grand Duke & Grand Prince

fb_new gambitious tiers

You have been commenting and we have been listening! After receiving numerous requests to add signed copies of the Limited Edition boxed version of Crusader 2 we have added the “Grand Duke” tier, with limited availability. This was by far the most requested new tier reward so we’re thrilled to be able to provide it. New to the upper end of the tiers is “Grand Prince”, which nets you a personalised sketch of YOU as a unit from the game. More

Music and SFX: Behind the Scenes


A close friend of Firefly, Robert Euvino has worked as composer on the Stronghold series since its inception, starting with the original Stronghold in 2001. We are absolutely thrilled to say that he will be returning for Stronghold Crusader 2!

Check out the video to go behind the scenes and find out exactly how he gets the squelching noises that accompany death by the sword. More

New Siege Equipment: Ballista and War Wolf


Of all the playable units in the original Stronghold, Crusader and beyond we have always had a soft spot for a bit of siege equipment! There’s something about firing a trebuchet and watching the boulder glide elegantly through the air, before crashing down on unsuspecting archers and the walls that were standing a few moments ago… More

Meet the Caliph


We have just released a new video update in our Gambitious crowdfunding campaign. This new video introduces players to the tyrannical Caliph, one of eight unique AI characters playable in the game at launch. The Caliph employs his own brand of barbaric tactics to burn his enemies and conquer all in the desert. He is one of the most aggressive AI characters in the game, likely to attack players early on in the game and use fiery pitch traps as a means of defending his castle. More