New Blood: Slave Driver


Of all the new units being added to the Stronghold roster in Crusader 2, the Slave Driver is the most natural evolution from Crusader 1’s Slave. A large unit with plenty of hit points, the Slave Driver is a support type unit who can more than hold his own in a fight. Specialising in ‘motivating’ Slave units to fight harder and longer, the Driver will fight for victory even if it kills them! More

Crusader 2 Coming Summer 2014


Morning, your Lordship! We are happy to announce that Stronghold Crusader 2 will be released this year during the desert heat of summer 2014. When it comes to developing Crusader 2 the mission has always been to take our time and create a fun, stable game that meets your expectations as players and fans of the series. Development has been ongoing since 2012 and we are at a point now when we can start play testing, bug fixing and planning the beta.


New Blood: The Sassanid Knight


The Sassanid Knight is a new addition to the Stronghold roster and rival to the Crusader Templar Knight revealed last week. Unlike the Templar the more nimble Sassanid Knight uses a spear as his weapon of choice, meaning he cannot dismount or attack on foot. To offset this negative trait the Sassanid has a unique Charge ability, which can be activated by commanding a Knight to attack when his ability is ready, which can be seen in their idle stance. More

Old Guard: Templar Knight


The marauding Templar Knight is our very own spiritual successor to the mounted Knight, another classic Crusader 1 troop type. In the spirit of revealing new units alongside their special abilities, we are pleased to announce that the Knight in Crusader 2 will be able to dismount from his horse and continue fighting, even when the mighty steed has taken its last breath. More

Picking Up Steam

steam only

We are pleased to confirm that Stronghold Crusader 2 will feature achievements, voice chat, cloud saving, Steam Workshop support, game invites and gameplay stats. However in order to include all these features in the game, either at launch or through post-release updates, it will need to be run through Steam. Read on to find out more. More