New Blood: Oil Pot Thrower


In the heat of the desert, there will be no respite for the knight who unwittingly crosses the path of an Oil Pot Thrower. These medieval fire bringers are a renewed form of the Fire Throwers from the original Stronghold Crusader and since then their hunger for fire has only grown stronger… More

New Blood: Arabic Healer


Without any armour and about as many hit points as an Archer, the Healer is not destined to be part of your front line forces. What he is great at is preserving the lives of your most expensive and highly valued units, with his unique ability to restore a troop’s hit points. Unlike the Slave Driver, this ability does not have an area of effect. Instead it is used on individual units, either automatically as nearby troops receive damage or on the Healer’s preferred unit. More

Old Guard: The Assassin


The stealthy Assassin is one of the most notorious units from the original Stronghold Crusader. Our mission with Crusader 2 has always been to recreate the original’s gameplay in 3D, but also to evolve and expand on the strongest parts of Crusader 1. With his ability to cloak from enemy sight this unique unit was a favourite among players and one we just couldn’t resist bringing back. He is the best reason for you to line your castle walls with as many archers as possible! More