Crusader Wettbewerb Sieger

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Das Volk hat gesprochen, Milord! Letzte Woche haben wir eine Auswahl an sieben Videos für den Stronghold Crusader Videowettbewerb veröffentlicht und Ihr habt für Euren Favoriten gewählt. Die Stimmen sind nun ausgezählt und wir gratulieren Irfan zu seinem Video und der Wahl zum Sieger!

Crusader Competition Winner

Video_comp_DE smallThe people have spoken, My Lord! Last week we posted a selection of seven videos for the Stronghold Crusader Video Competition, allowing you to vote on your favourite by leaving their name in the comments below. These votes have been counted and we would like to congratulate Irfan on his video being chosen as the winner!

Interview – RTS Guru

RTS_Guru_Interview_2014RTS Guru caught up with us post-E3 to talk Stronghold Crusader 2, specifically what we have learnt after bringing the game to numerous events allowing player and press to test the game. Click here to find out how player feedback has impacted development, our favourite feature and how we will be tackling Stronghold’s renowned learning curve!