Balance Update



We have released a new update for Stronghold Crusader 2, introducing various balancing changes and a number of hotfixes aimed squarely at addressing player-reported issues. Your feedback and suggestions are being closely monitored by the Crusader team at Firefly, so please keep them coming! We already have a huge list of suggestions to work through with some added in today’s update and many more to come.

Balancing Changes

  • Wood Camp footprint reduced to 2×3 tiles.
  • Wood Camp cost reduced to 10 wood.
  • Updated starting troops for all AI Lords.
  • Updated all AI Lords’ castles.
  • AI Lords will now randomly select their castle size and rotation when starting Custom Skirmish or Multiplayer games.
  • AI Lords will now try to build the largest castle size possible within the available free space in Custom Skirmish and Multiplayer games.
  • Skirmish Trail missions rebalanced to curb rushing the AI Lords:
    • Breath of the Infidel – Pit of Despair
    • Desert Heat – Isolation
    • Way of the Warrior – Lord of The Desert, The Two Brothers and Hope Springs
    • A Trail of Tears – Mighty River, Predator and Sands of Time
    • Hell’s Teeth – The Peninsula and To The Summit

Bug Fixes

  • Added support for changing available keyboard layouts using ALT+SHIFT
  • Fixed – Slowdown caused by no trees or wood being available on the map for Woodcutters.
  • Fixed – Players receiving a popularity bonus for multiple food types when rations are set to 0.
  • Fixed players’ estates being changed on the mini-map when they were added or removed from a team.
  • Fixed – Players that aren’t in a team in Skirmish and Multiplayer games not being kicked out on game start.
  • Fixed – Multiplayer game lobby not showing correct values for clients when they first join the game.
  • Fixed – Greatest Lord screen being available in non-skirmish missions.
  • Fixed – Issues with Ranger’s animation and props.
  • Fixed – Exploit where Wood Camps placed for free could refund goods upon being deleted.
  • Fixed – Village estates colour issues in the Map Editor.
  • Fixed – Various crashes.

Please Note: The correct version number (1.0.19266) should now appear at the bottom of the main Crusader 2 title screen. If the version numbers do not match up please exit the game and restart your Steam client, until you force the new update to download.

As a small independent team of developers we really appreciate players taking the time to report bugs and even submit saved games, which is a huge help to us. Going the extra mile like this means we spend less time recreating bugs and more time fixing and testing them. If you are experiencing an issue not listed in the fixes above the fastest way to get a fix is by letting us know. Please do so by submitting a support ticket via our support site.