The Future of Crusader


We have just released a community Q&A video for Stronghold Crusader 2. The new video focuses mainly on post-release feature updates and downloadable content, with additional detail concerning our general plans for the game post-launch. Click on the mysterious adjacent teaser image to watch the video in full and find out exactly what our plans are for the game heading into 2015!

Will new game modes be introduced? Will these updates all be free? When can you expect new AI characters? What features and characters will return from Crusader 1? Will there be new single player missions? In this new video we either directly answer or tease responses to these questions, which is brought to you direct from the (now very cold) Firefly London office. We hope you enjoy the video update and the shiny nuggets of detail contained therein.

Want to know more about our next update? Then you’ll want to stay tuned… The Crusader team will be posting an announcement later this week with plenty of detail about our next update for the game.

Until then!