DLC, Map Packs & Invasions

p&p_fb_reveal_websiteAfter teasing our upcoming release we can now finally reveal two important dates and the new features coming to Stronghold Crusader 2! Get ready for The Princess & The Pig DLC on March 20th and receive a free map pack as part of our ‘Blow the Horn, Bang the Drum’ update on the same day. That’s not all… We also plan to release sandbox invasions, new Freebuild maps and more two weeks later on April 2nd!

March 20th – The Princess & The Pig DLC

Blow the horn, bang the drum, The Pig is coming to town! Coming next week on March 20th, The Princess & The Pig DLC resurrects one of four central antagonists from the original Stronghold in a brand new Crusader Trail, while also introducing a completely new character in the form of the noble Princess. The first piece of downloadable content available for Stronghold Crusader 2, The Princess & The Pig adds seven missions, two AI opponents, 10 achievements and new castle designs unique to The Princess and The Pig. It will be available next week on Steam for £3.99, $5.99 or €4.99.



March 20th – ‘Blow the Horn, Bang the Drum’ Update

To celebrate the release of The Princess & The Pig DLC we will also be updating Crusader 2 with a new map pack. This update, which we have dubbed ‘Blow the Horn, Bang the Drum’ in honour of our new AI Lords, will add four new maps to the game. These maps will be available to all players in Custom Skirmish and Multiplayer modes, automatically downloaded via Steam when the update goes live on March 20th:

  • Island Peril

Resources are tightly packed on this island, with a good share accessible to each player. Expect frequent battles around the centre, lit up by the lightning storms overhead. Up to six players can do battle on ‘Island Peril’.

  • Rivers Kiss

A blank slate is all players get in their own starting territory, making the nearby villages vital for castle building. Action gravitates towards the centre, where chokepoints force players together. Up to four players can do battle on ‘Rivers Kiss’.

  • Surrounded

This map is perfect for testing your mettle against four opponents. Take the south-west estate, guard your resources carefully and prepare for a challenge! Up to five players can do battle on ‘Surrounded’.

  • Arbour Harbour

Players starting in the north-east have a strong advantage in this setup, with easy access to stone and the eastern village estate, along with multiple routes into the western player’s castle. Two players can do battle on ‘Arbour Harbour’.



April 2nd – Freebuild Invasions

Two weeks after the release of ‘Blow the Horn, Bang the Drum’ we will follow up with another free update, available on April 2nd. This time we will add invasions to the game’s Freebuild sandbox mode, the ability to choose your preferred faction in Skirmish Trails and a second map pack featuring both Skirmish and Freebuild maps!



We will reveal much more in the coming weeks with dev blog updates, competitions and new videos, but for now please sit back and enjoy a whole month of new content for Stronghold Crusader 2.