Sandbox Invasions 22/04

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After ‘The Princess & The Pig’ DLC and our recent ‘Blow the horn, Bang the drum’ update, we are focused on the next free update for Crusader 2. Three of the most frequently-requested features are on their way including AI invasions in Sandbox mode, greater customization when playing Crusader Trails and something to help players with the devious AI. Arriving a little later than expected on April 22nd, our Sandbox invasions update has been delayed slightly due to a new arrival!

Free Build Invasions

On April 22nd Crusader 2 will be updated with the ability to launch attacks against your castle in Sandbox mode. Start from scratch or fill your treasury with piles of gold, erecting mighty castles before testing their defensive abilities by triggering AI invasions. This update will make Sandbox mode the perfect environment to not only perfect your economic planning, but also hone your castle building and defensive skills. Find out which tactics, structures and layouts work best for you and return to Skirmish or Multiplayer battles with more expertise than ever before!

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Easy AI Mode

Not everyone can single-handedly defeat The Caliph, The Wolf, Richard or Saladin without a little assistance… To remedy this and help everyone enjoy Crusader 2 to the fullest we will add an Easy AI mode that tames the AI and makes the gameplay more accessible for strategy novices. While part of the Stronghold games’ charm has always been found in its high difficulty, we thought this would be a great way to give players more choice when it comes to the level of challenge they face.

Choose Your Faction

After the release of the original Stronghold Crusader, many players asked for the ability to play as either Crusader or Arabic factions in Crusader Trail skirmish missions. With the arrival of our next update you will be able to rewrite history, choosing between the two factions in these missions. Play as a Crusader Lord who finds himself surrounded by guardians of the desert or switch camps and fight to reclaim the Holy Land.

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We appreciate your understanding with regards to the delay on this update and hope you enjoy the extras we’ll be adding in the meantime, such as Easy AI mode. As a small development team we are sometimes forced to shift release dates, especially when nature grants us a very special gift. Please look forward to more news about the update in the coming weeks!