Invasions Update & New DLC Dated


The fears of the clergy have proven warranted, as we have received new information revealing the identities of two new enemies as they emerge from the shadows. Calling themselves ‘The Emperor’ and ‘The Hermit’, both seek to establish the reign of their armies and twisted beliefs. ‘The Emperor & The Hermit’ DLC is set to reignite the religious wars that have blighted these lands, expanding our roster of opponents and adding a new Skirmish Trail.



Our next big update for Stronghold Crusader 2, the Invasions Update will release next week on Wednesday 22nd April. Adding Sandbox invasions, Easy Mode and Faction selection for Skirmish Trail missions, as well as two Sandbox maps and four new skirmish maps, the Invasions Update has plenty to offer:


  • Invasions (Sandbox Mode) – Designed to beef up the free-building Sandbox mode, invasions allow players to find out just how impregnable their mighty castles are by launching increasingly powerful attacks against them.
  • Easy Mode (Skirmish Trails) – A popular request among those new to the series, this update will introduce an easier difficulty setting for the game’s punishing Skirmish Trail missions.
  • Faction Selection (Skirmish Trails) – Another oft-requested feature, players will soon be able to select between Crusader and Arabic factions in Skirmish Trail missions.
  • New Sandbox Maps – Two peaceful new lands on which to build your dream castle, before pummeling it into the sand with wave after wave of AI sieges.
  • New Skirmish Maps – Four new battlegrounds for you to mark with the blood of your enemies, online or offline.



The Angel of Death hovers over your castle! ‘The Emperor & The Hermit DLC’ will introduce two new AI opponents and an all-new Crusader Trail campaign. Spiritual successors to The Emperor and The Abbot from the original Stronghold Crusader, The Emperor and The Hermit are driven entirely by religious fervour. Backed by zealots who follow their cause without question, be it just or corrupt, these new characters represent a dangerous new threat to both sides of the Crusader conflict.

The next expansion for Stronghold Crusader 2, this new DLC adds seven missions, two AI opponents, achievements, additional player shields and new castle designs unique to The Emperor and The Hermit. ‘The Emperor & The Hermit’ will be released via Steam on May 6th for £3.99/$5.99/€4.99.


Please look forward to more information on the characters, maps and new features found in the DLC and our free ‘Invasions Update’ in the next few weeks. We will be revealing one map per day, in addition to video features and more!