New Maps Revealed


In anticipation of the launch of our ‘Invasions’ update this week, we are proud to reveal new images and information for the included map pack. These maps, part of the free update, is designed to give fans of all game modes new land to tinker with and do battle across. Do you prefer to play as a lone wolf in custom skirmish against the AI, with your friends online or solo in the economy-focussed Sandbox mode? With the ‘Invasions’ update there will be new maps for you, whatever your preference!



In ‘Volcano’ raised areas surround the titular landmark, offering players key strategic positions from which to siege any one of the three other estates cornering the island. Whoever moves fast enough to take and hold the high ground has everything they need to dominate on this map. Players who are too slow to secure a foothold will face a literal uphill battle as fiery death and diseased animal carcasses rain down upon them. With water surrounding you and enemies in every direction there really is no escape.

Up to four players can do battle on ‘Volcano’.


The Forest

With plentiful resources whether you need stone, iron or wood from the woods separating both players, ‘The Forest’ is designed to set each player up with a war economy as quickly as possible. With cliff faces speeding up the completion of enclosed castle walls, players will most likely elect for the safe option, playing defensively in true Stronghold fashion. That said don’t get too comfortable, with estate borders spanning the width of the map expanding your territory quickly is vital to success.

Two players can battle across ‘The Forest’.


Empty Desert (Sandbox)

There is naught but the rare hint of life in this barren land. ‘Empty Desert’ is partly designed to challenge players experienced in the all too often leisurely pursuit of Sandbox mode castle-building. Resources are sparse and grass absent, however the endless desert permits grand kingdoms to unfold as your castle stretches ambitiously out toward the horizon.

‘Empty’ is a single player Sandbox-only map designed to showcase the upcoming AI Invasions feature.


The Beach (Sandbox)

Perfect for a peaceful seaside castle or a beachhead fortress ready to repel AI invasions, ‘The Beach’ caters to all player tastes. Ashore an unexplored land, you find land rich in resources of all kinds. Open space is plentiful, with grassland extending into the distance and both stone and iron deposits near at hand.

‘The Beach is a single player Sandbox-only map designed to showcase the upcoming AI Invasions feature.



Early on in ‘Interlocked’ close attention must be paid to defence, lest your enemies make quick work of your exposed position. Green fertile lands cover a good portion of this map, but they lie outside player estates. To maintain a steady supply of wood and stone players are forced to station troops in vulnerable positions, where they will almost certainly be attacked. Iron can also be found behind cliffs in opposite corners of the map, for anyone quick enough to secure both entry points. While the centre desert can become a no man’s land early on, with the right players it can lead to skirmishes and epic battles between huge armies.

Six opponents can fight together on ‘Interlocked’.


Bonus Map: Middle East

‘Middle East’ offers up a detailed recreation of the geographic region where countless historic battles from the Crusades took place. Laid out with plenty of obstacles between player estates and advantages to each starting location, players can recreate the battles of Richard and Saladin across unique terrain. The victorious player or team will likely be the one who uses the lay of the land to their advantage, forcing enemy attacks into a bottleneck or launching ranged assaults from hard to reach positions.

A maximum of six opponents can do battle on ‘Middle East’.