DLC Arrives May 13th


With brutal sand storms raging across the desert The Emperor and The Hermit have sent forward messengers, boldly announcing that their arrival will come to pass on May 13th. This final arrival date gives us one more week to practice our war cries in preparation for these new Lords and their cunning castle designs. To make the wait a little easier and sate your hunger for battle, our scouts have returned with new images of our enemies’ castles and the battlegrounds on which they will wage war.


More good news! Our spies also bring information, here’s what the spymaster had to say of these foul opponents:

“Beware the weight of the Holy Lands… For the next pair of Lords to compete for the desert bring with them an unrelenting religious following. After years of isolated reverence, the Hermit has been driven blind by his self-righteous claim to sacred authority. Now he commands legions of assassins, ensuring his enemies see no more of his approaching armies than he does.


From further afield comes the Emperor, who will rest at nothing to expand his kingdom into the far reaches of the Middle East by using the vast armies at his command. Cunning tactics and battle hardened wits will be needed to fight through seven missions and three new battlefields, with these foes posing a greater strategic threat to our castles than ever before! Bring water and ice, for the desert heat is rising and these new combatants bring no mercy on the edge of their blades.”