Coming May 13th


Immediately after the release of ‘The Emperor & The Hermit’ DLC, we will be updating Crusader 2 on Steam with a new map pack. Giving everyone access to the DLC’s selection of new battlefields, this update will be added to the game automatically and completely free of charge. We will tease a few of these in the run up to the release, but expect multiple skirmish maps, Sandbox maps for building (and laying siege to) massive castle and an extra bonus map!

Attacks on All Sides (4 Player)

Feeling brave? Then take the center position at your peril! Those who do battle across ‘Attacks on All Sides’ must, as the name suggests, be ready to ward off potentially unrelenting strikes from all players and angles. In this confined map contestants have limited space to build with all players positioned in close quarters on high ground. Build your castle quickly, defeat the center player and seal the fates of your enemies!AoAS_2



Hopeless (3 Player)

Take to the plains of ‘Hopeless’ and engage in combat to scavenge resources from other players, with skirmishes taking place in the desert between different resource sites. While a large lake supports rich and fertile lands in the east, the impoverished player to the west must work hard with what sparse resources their dry lands provide. Perfect for handicapping a skilled player, AI or conversely for a co-operative game, ‘Hopeless’ can be played many different ways.

hopeless_3 hopeless_2 hopeless_1

Lions Share (6 Player)

Expect no fair distribution of land, resources or safety in this largely waterlogged map. In ‘Lions Share’ western estates have access to more grass and equal supplies of stone and iron, while the only raised land belongs to one of the northern players. That said everyone must face their nearest enemy in tight lanes, man-made or otherwise, provided to bridge the separating land and focus skirmishes between them.

lions_share_1 lions_share_2 lions_share_3