Optimisation Update


We’re happy to announce that the first in a new series of optimisation updates has just been released for Stronghold Crusader 2! Development geared towards improving performance has been ongoing for some time now. Recently we reached a point where these changes could be merged into the main game code and released as an update for all players to enjoy.

4Today’s update includes numerous ‘under the hood’ improvements, but we’ve highlighted the most noticeable ones below:

  • Frame Rate – CPU load has been reduced and frame rates improved, particularly in the case of machines with low specs or slower single-core performance. Most machines will see a modest improvement in frame rates in large games, many will see a large improvement.
  • Multiplayer – Low spec machines that were struggling in large games will now hold better frame rates and remain responsive for players. The game server will also slow down when necessary, allowing clients to stay in sync. We are still hard at work tuning this area, so expect future optimisation updates to improve performance.
  • Multi-Core CPUs – Work has been done to run more tasks in secondary threads and make better use of multiple CPU cores, removing periodic roadblocks from single core execution and overhead from the main game process.

We’ve also made improvements to several major systems. Click here for a full change log.

As mentioned above today’s update is the first in a new series of optimisation updates due for release in 2015. In addition to numerous additional optimisations currently being worked on, which unfortunately did not make the cut-off point for this release, we plan to build on the progress made thus far and address other areas based on player feedback. As a sim and an RTS, Crusader 2 simulates and tracks tens of thousands of objects and many game systems at any one time. We will continue work to reduce the high demand this puts on players’ CPUs, particularly in multiplayer.

Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy the new update!


Please Note: This update should download automatically when you launch the Steam client. Check the version number displayed in the bottom left corner of the main menu screen when launching Crusader 2. If the number displayed is not v1.0.21417 please restart Steam until the update downloads.