Steam Workshop Winner

enShortly after the launch of invasions in Stronghold Crusader 2’s Sandbox Mode, we asked you forge your own maps and erect mighty castles to hold off the most brutal and diligent of AI attacks. Picking our winner was no easy feat as we put your creations to the test by sacrificing thousands of brave archers, knights and AI Lords. After evaluating the maps both for their defensive ingenuity and pleasing aesthetics, we have hand picked our favourite creationsto be glorified throughout all Kingdoms and battle fields. In what ended up becoming a very close vote, we are proud to present the winner of the second Crusader 2 Steam Workshop Competition!

bayoda with his map ‘Steinschloss’

To reward their fantastic efforts the winner will receive a lifetime supply of Stronghold Crusader 2 DLC!

Don’t forget you can enjoy this map and dozens of others by following the above link to Steam and hitting the ‘Subscribe’ button. So long as you’re logged in or using the Steam client it will automatically download the next time you start up the game. All other custom maps can be found on our Steam Workshop page:

We would like to thank all players who used this opportunity to share their own custom maps and missions on our Steam Workshop page. The Crusader 2 team is looking forward to seeing lots more of your creations for the Sandbox Mode, as we work towards free content updates and our planned DLC releases. Every custom map has the power to deliver a totally new Stronghold Crusader 2 experience. See for yourself by browsing our workshop page, downloading new maps and seeing if you can do even better in the Crusader 2 Map Editor!