Celebrating Your Work

500_enThe Workshop is growing, Sire! With the Steam Workshop, players have been able to easily share the maps they themselves created in the Stronghold Crusader 2 Map Editor, providing all players with an even wider range of unique battle fields, environments and tactical obstacles. In your efforts to forge the ultimate battle grounds for Multiplayer fights, Skirmish matches and experimental mischief, a total of 500 user created maps have been published in the Crusader Steam Workshop!

To celebrate and honour this respectable milestone, we have gone through all 500 maps and picked out five of our favourites to feature on Facebook, Twitter and our official Stronghold Crusader 2 website. If you haven’t yet done so, head over to the Steam Workshop page and enjoy a series of exciting battles across these five very different landscapes:

Cryptic Hills by ‘Kp | Flip’

The Pyramids by ‘Stavross’

Mordor by ‘Tom Servo’

Rivers [USP] by ‘|DIF| Jeroeny’

The Great Falls by ‘OfficerDroid’

Don’t forget you can enjoy these maps and the dozens of others by following the above links to Steam and hitting the ‘Subscribe’ button. So long as you’re logged in or using the Steam client they will automatically download the next time you start up the game. We wish you lots of exciting battles on the 500 unique maps and look forward to seeing your future creations!