Tournament Contestants Revealed

enThanks to the brave souls who applied for our official Crusader 2 ‘Siege That!’ tournament, each hoping to secure one of 20 sought-after spots, we can now reveal the full tournament roster! As promised we have randomly selected 20 lucky contestants from the total pool of entrants, all looking to go on the offensive and demonstrate their besieging abilities in the first round this Sunday!


We wish our randomly-selected contestants plenty of good fortune on the battlefield:

SKARABEI007, blobka, korsar, FireRanger, Mejdzr, Knyaz Michael, SergiuHellDragoon, Mr.Monk, nsvsochi, perryale90, CadettKlinge, DragonHeart, Hatty, bayoda, AniGrill, DSPL, Dark Souldier, eric, Beroky 2.0, Dekay.

Is your name listed above? Congrats! You should have received an email containing the tournament schedule, along with the date and time of your first match. If your name is listed above and you haven’t received an email please let us know, either in the comments below or on Twitter via @fireflyworlds.

Didn’t make it in? You can still follow the tournament progress on the Firefly Studios Twitch channel, Crusader 2 website and of course Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


We have a few words for each war lord, old and new:

Focus entirely on destroying the castle in front of you. Smash the walls to pieces and tear apart every building that stands in your way. Have no mercy and concentrate on the goal at hand, rushing in to kill the enemy Lord with as much brute force as you can muster. Slay the enemy Lord in less than 30 minutes in order to proceed to the second round and move one step closer to claiming the spoils of war. Prizes include Steam codes, signed copies of Crusader 2, t-shirts and DLC!

The first round of matches will begin on Sunday August 16th at 14:00 BST. All winners will take part in the second round on Sunday August 23rd, with select games streamed live on the new Firefly Studios Twitch channel.

Matches in the first round will take place on the fantastic ‘Game of Thrones Pyke Caste Invasion’ player-created map, adjusted and rebalanced by the folks here at Firefly for use in the tournament. Contestants will receive a set allocation of troops with which to siege the castle and will not be able to recruit additional units. To keep things even, Firefly players defending the castle will not be able to build, repair or delete castle structures and walls.