‘Siege That!’ Round Two


After a series of bloody Round One battles against the Firefly paladins just seven brave contestants remain standing over the ruins of Pyke Castle. These mighty warriors will soon face even greater challenges, proving their worth on the battlefield by sieging our second castle. Who will return home with the spoils of war? Winner prizes include Steam codes for our games, signed copies of Stronghold Crusader 2, Firefly t-shirts and DLC.


Didn’t make it in? Were you knocked out? You can still win Steam codes! Watch the live stream (and read on) to find out more.

Round Two begins this weekend on Sunday August 23rd at 14:00 BST. In this next round all matches will be held on the user-created map ‘DoubleHill Castle’, with significant adjustments and rebalancing made to the map for use in our tournament. As in Round One, contestants will receive a set allocation of troops. Neither attacker nor defender will be able to create troops, build, repair or delete castle structures.


Congratulations to the victorious Lords of Round One:

SKARABEI007, blobka, FireRanger, perryale90, CadettKlinge, DSPL and Dark Souldier.

On Sunday our Community Managers will stream matches live, provide commentary, answer your questions and even run a special giveaway in the Twitch chat. Take part for your chance to win one of five copies of Stronghold Crusader 2 (Special Edition) and one of 15 DLC codes for the game.

Follow the Firefly Studios Twitch channel for your chance to win!