‘Siege That!’ Highlights

vlcsnap-2015-09-04-18h07m25s69Watch Crusader 2 players SKARABEI007, korsar, FireRanger, Mejdzr, Knyaz Michael, SergiuHellDragoon, Mr.Monk, nsvsochi, CadettKlinge, DragonHeart, Hatty, bayoda, AniGrill, Dark Souldier, eric, Beroky 2.0, Dekay, third place perryale90, runner-up DSPL and tournament champion blobka battle it out with Firefly Studios! 

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Over the past few weeks we quite literally threw down the gauntlet to the Crusader 2 multiplayer community. Sending some of Firefly’s best into the field of battle against 20 skilled players from the Stronghold community, we wanted ‘Siege That!’ to test nerves and resolve on both sides! In each round players were tasked with sieging one of three castles with a set allocation of attacking troops, the castles themselves defended by Firefly Studios staff. Three rounds took place across three weekend and three user-created maps, courtesy of map editor aficionados Cons7an7ine and bayoda with a few tweaks made for the purposes of the tournament. With just two player Lords fortunate enough to make it through to the final round, we were happy to see our map testing and rebalancing provided an adequate challenge.

Watch the tournament highlights video above and look for familiar skirmishes to see if YOUR match made it into our showreel of ‘Siege That!’ moments. Didn’t take part or watch live on Twitch? Follow us on Twitch and make don’t miss out on future tournaments, streams and of course giveaways!