The Jackal & The Khan DLC


Their horsemen ride like thunder across the plain, like the kings of old! Set for release on Steam on November 6th, Stronghold Crusader 2: The Jackal & The Khan is our final DLC expansion and the ultimate Stronghold challenge. The Jackal & The Khan adds nine new missions, two characters, achievements, new castle designs and five avatar shields. Players who own all four DLCs will also receive a bonus tenth Crusader Trail mission and five additional exclusive shields.


The Jackal

steam_dlc_plates_jackal (2)

A warlord who shields his face behind by a large metal helm, The Jackal returns to his homeland in Stronghold Crusader 2: The Jackal & The Khan. Having saved The Wolf’s life following the events of the original Stronghold (2001), The Jackal eventually becomes his subordinate. Replacing The Pig as chief warlord, The Jackal is unafraid of The Wolf often disobeying orders. After their military campaign fails in Stronghold 3 The Jackal deserts his stubborn leader and return to his native lands. It is here that he will exact his revenge.


The Khan


The Khan is a nomad in terms of his past and play style, leader to a pack of roaming soldiers who are more travelling warriors than profit-seeking mercenaries. Over the years The Khan has lead his makeshift army between lands with no permanent base of operations, always more interested in the journey and victories secured along the way. His army is animalistic and wild, always operating in packs and seeking out new resources to plunder.


Free Map Pack

On launch day Stronghold Crusader 2 will also been updated with five new skirmish maps:

  1. Deep in Trouble – The central estate lies heavily exposed in an open canyon, making it vulnerable to attacks from other players.
  2. Lakes – Heavy rainfall has produced an area of lush fields and vegetation in the middle of the desert! Each player has ample space to expand, though village estates are not distributed evenly.
  3. Across the Chasm – Wage epic battles over the edge of a great canyon as your armies pass along the precipice joining its two edges. The route is long and advancing south will involve a treacherous uphill battle.
  4. Malicious Lands – Building up an economy is no easy task for the central player, who must start by fighting off the roaming lions and outlaws. Meanwhile the south east player has an easily defendable corner to turtle from, if they wish.
  5. In the Shallows – Attacks may come from any side on this largely traversable flood plain of lakes and streams. Defending is difficult, given the natural openness of the map.