First Screenshots Revealed

It’s Day Two of E3 2013 and we are thrilled to be able to share with you the very first in-game screenshots for Stronghold Crusader 2! Currently showing the game to press at E3 2013 in Los Angeles, we are giving players and press their first look at the game. The screenshots released today allow you to see the game’s new Arabic and Crusader castle designs, with towers, walls, fortifications, buildings and architecture unique to each side of the conflict. These early screenshots give a taste of the new Arabic units and armies, from the lowly foot soldiers and cruel Slave Driver to Sassanid Knight cavalry and huge siege engines.The whole team is thrilled to be able to show this early preview build of the game. Most notably these new shots include a first look at the game’s new customizable UI and AI characters, which have been completely redesigned and updated for the new engine. The new screenshots demonstrate the player’s ability to oversee and deal out medieval damage in a few simple clicks, all while keeping track of the different events happening in-game., all while keeping track of the different events happening in-game. Unique to the latest entry in the Stronghold series is also the ability to customize the UI, tracking production of specific resources and hiding certain elements to get a better view of the battlefield.

Head over to the media page now to check out the new screenshots. We hope that each image gives you an exciting insight into what’s coming for fans of Stronghold Crusader, from the intricate castle designs and village management to huge armies, new units, bold cavalries and huge siege engines.

  1. Hey, i just wanted to say I LOVE THEM! 3D didnt ruin the game ^^ Could you just make building tighter to each other and if you could increase the contrast of the colors, for greener grass and more yellow sand? Thanks! ^^

  2. Это просто великолепно! Так ждал увидеть первые скриншоты! Спасибо вам, с нетерпением жду следующей информации!

  3. maybe the castle keep can be entered like a stronghold 2, so feast and dancing can be held inside the catle … or maybe the king can hold court inside the castle to punish the thief

    • Yeah, I loved the castle in S2, It would be quite nice to have this feature from S2…

  4. GREAT, thanks firefly, this screenshot excited me a lot to play Stronghold Crusader 2. I loved the graphics and the size of buildings

  5. Definitely buying this game- id like to note though, in the last game(sh3) building wasn’t that good, it was good with the way you built(in how you had no grid lines) however in previous titles the games were on grids so walls could be connected to buildings like the keep, giving more freedom for castle building, will that be the case, cause i miss those days when you could make the keep part of the actual design and not just where the king/lord stands- anyway it looks cool!

  6. Forgot to mention, PLEASE, remove the SH Extreme powers… They ruined everything to me 🙁

  7. the screenshots actually surprised me theres a lot of detail in there which looks like some good gameplay dynamics, i gave up on SH3, but im willing to give you guys another chance here and it looks promising.

    have to point out that the trailer is an example of you guys going down the same dark path as last time, please realise that nobody cares about the story that is waaay down the list compared to good ‘draw-you-in-and keep-you-up-for-hours’ gameplay, which is completely missing in the trailer.

    you know what we are all shaking wads of cash at you for because you have succeeded before.

  8. Can we choose our faction colour in SC2? Rather than the boring red in original SC

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