GOG Tournament: Round Two


As the sands settle on the blood-drenched graveyard that was once our Round One battleground, we prepare for Round Two of our GOG launch tournament this Sunday!

Crushing their enemies with either brute force or cloak and dagger Assassin tactics, four Lords from the player and developer brackets have now moved onto Round Two. Our Round One winners are:

Firefly Bracket – Vincent, Marcin, Burak and Dmitri.

Player Bracket – bijan.alizadeh, LORD CRUSADER, Mr Monk and SlowAnice.


Both the Firefly and player Round Two matches will take place on Sunday November 29th, with the first match (Vincent versus Marcin) starting at 15:00 GMT. Want to catch the action and/or will cool prizes? Then be sure to get a live view of the action on our Twitch channel! Watch the matches and catch live commentary from our devs and Stronghold YouTuber SergiuHellDragoon. You can even enter a chat quiz for a chance to win GOG codes!

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Round Two matches will take place on the ‘Dardamen’ player-created map, adjusted and rebalanced for use in the tournament. Players will be given 10 minutes of peace time, initial resources set to ‘Medium’ and 250 Gold.


Did YOU win your Round One match? Then get ready for battle! Check your e-mail now to find a schedule and complete tournament rule set for Round Two!