Mini-Campaign DLC

enFor over a year now the learning campaigns ‘Delivering Justice’ and ‘Freedom Fighters’ have remained exclusive to those who pre-ordered Stronghold Crusader 2 or purchased the Ultimate Edition, released last month. After the release we saw a significant number of requests to make these campaigns available for purchase by existing owners of the base game and we now have good news: The mini-campaigns will soon be available on Steam!

So if you’re missing both campaigns or received one in a special retail version of Stronghold Crusader 2, then you will soon be able to complete your Crusader 2 collection with these two separate campaign DLCs. Set at a price below that of our character pack DLCs, ‘Delivering Justice’ and ‘Freedom Fighters’ won’t expand the roster of devious AI enemies. What they will do is provide additional missions and achievements for you to master.

Complete four story campaign missions, unlock 100% of the game’s achievements and finally call yourself the ultimate Stronghold Crusader 2 Lord!