Steam Sale & New Update


To celebrate the start of the Steam Lunar New Year Sale we have just released a small update adding three extra skirmish maps to the game!  Punish complacent players in Around The Cross by claiming the higher ground, adapt to your environment in A Long River or control vital supply lines on Fire Fight! This update is completely free and will download automatically via the Steam client.


Steam Sale

Just when you thought you were safe… Another Steam sale is upon us! Prepare for a relentless assault on your digital wallet as Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale tempts each and every one of us with bargain videogames. The best part? We’re giving Space Colony: Steam Edition its biggest discount yet, along with 75% off games in the Stronghold series!


New Maps

  • Around The Cross (4 Players) – Each player has ample natural defenses surrounding their estate, but whomever controls the high ground in the center will gain a significant tactical advantage.
  • A Long River (6 Players) – Different elevations, estate shapes and levels of resource availability present a unique challenge for each player. Adapting to your surroundings is key to victory!
  • Fire Fight (2 Players) – Sparse arable land means enemy players must rely on collecting pitch to support their economy, giving the advantage to those who can maintain and protect a steady supply line.

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Please Note: This update should download automatically when you launch the Steam client. To confirm whether or not the download was successful please check the available skirmish maps for one or all of the above map names. This update will not change the version number from the previous update’s number (1.0.22616).

We hope you enjoy the new maps and we’ll see you online!