Contestants Revealed


After an avalanche of applications for our ‘Crush the Champions!’ tournament we have randomly selected 12 lucky contestants to take part. Each will be given the opportunity to do one of two things: Demonstrate their superior solo tactical skills or prove that teamwork is the ultimate weapon.

Congratulations to our chosen contestants!

We wish you all good fortune on the battlefield:

Solo Players: igi.tanas, skur, bijan.alizadeh and Tenryu

Teams: IS_Rams & IS_Ghost, Artcart Dumbledore & eriksson1800, CadettKlinge & Dziki_Goblin and JediKnight122 & Edward Dunferline

The first two rounds will begin on Saturday March 19th at 2pm GMT, with the third and fourth rounds will held on Sunday March 20th starting at the same time. Matches will be streamed live on our official Firefly Studios Twitch channel, with the most exciting bouts published on SerguiHellDragoon’s YouTube channel!

In the tournament each solo player will face off against each team and vice versa. Matches will last a maximum of 40 minutes, with points awarded accordingly at the end of each match:

  1. Both Team Players (Lords) Dies – Solo player receives 3 points
  2. Solo Player Dies – Team players receive 2 points each
  3. One Team Player Dies – Solo player receives 1 point
  4. If after 30 minutes the solo player and at least one member of a team  is still alive, the solo player gets 1 point.

Weren’t picked this time? Watch the action unfold live by following our official Twitch Channel