Tournament Highlights


Much (virtual) blood was spilled on the deserts of the Holy Land in ‘Crush The Champions!’, our most challenging Stronghold Crusader 2 tournament yet. Twelve brave Stronghold warriors clashed heads, with a mix of series veterans and new blood fighting tooth and nail to win. Teams of two faced off against brave solo players across four specially selected maps, during what turned out to be an intense weekend!


Tournament Highlights

‘Crush the Champions!’ pitted four teams of two against another four solo players in the ultimate test of Stronghold strategy and RTS mastery. After 16 hard-fought matches in the desert our tireless warriors can now rest in peace and YOU can check out our tournament highlights video:


Watch the Highlights!


The Maps

  • The Ridge – Our first round took place on ‘The Ridge’, where solo players defended the titular central ridge from attacks on either side.
  • Lightning River – Second round matches were played on ‘Lightning River’. Here each team was tasked with crossing the river before they can get within striking distance of the solo player. The solo fighter being placed at an advantage with a strong defensive position in the top right corner of the map.
  • Attack on all Sides – For the third round we used ‘Attack on All Sides’, a map where the empty central region was filled with skirmishes and open-field battles between players.
  • Armour Harbour (Revisited) – The fourth and final round took place on a revised version of ‘Armour Harbour’, adjusted for three players. One team member was located in the central starting point with plenty of resources. However this location also meant scarce space to build for the player, making teamwork essential for any victory.


Future Events

This isn’t the end for our series of Stronghold tournaments! While we may give Stronghold Crusader 2 a short rest we still have plenty planned for the near and not too distant future, so keep an eye out for more! Remember you can also view tournament matches via our Twitch channel and give us a follow for latest streams.