Community Q&A Video – Part 1

In our final E3 update we have released the first in our new series of Community Q&A Videos. Nick from Firefly responds to the first set of questions from you, the fans! Reaching out to Stronghold players everywhere, we have ploughed through the forums, Twitter and Facebook pages for the most frequently asked questions about the long-awaited strategy sequel. After collecting a series of 40 questions Nick has answered the first 10 in a new video.

The new video, which is the first in a series of four to be released in the coming weeks, answers a wide array of questions on the upcoming strategy sequel. From the most common questions through to specific details, we are using the freedom of self-publishing to reveal all to the Stronghold community, realising the transparent relationship between developers, press and journalists that we have always strived for.

Although this concludes our series of three big reveals for Stronghold Crusader 2 at E3 2013, additional announcements and new material will emerge in the coming weeks and months before release. The next release will be our second Q&A video on June 27th.


  1. Sevgili Stronghold Developers,

    Oyunun dilinin Türkçe destekli olması ve ayriyetten Stronghold 2 ile alakasının olmamasını isteriz biz gözlemlediğimiz kadarıyla oyunun bazı efektlerinin Stronghold 2 ve 3 ile aynı olduğunu düşünmekteyiz bize bunun aksini kanıtlarsanız seviniriz ve sanırım oyun müslümanlık ve hristiyanlık arasında geçiceğinden müslümanların kendilerine ait ibadet hane yani cami veya medrese kurmaları müslüman oyuncular tarafından zevkle karşılanmaktadır.


  2. I’m big fan of the first part of this game, Stronghold Crusader. This game was very realistic and looked very good in 2D. I think you shouldn’t change this, but only enhance graphic. You should make much much bigger maps, add new buildings, fortresses, units (soldiers) and new options like capturing and taking over enemy’s castle. Managing a whole kingdom, not only the castle, would be also great idea. To sum up, I want to say that while playing Stronghold Crusader you really could feel like in middle ages. The new, second part look totaly worse and so unrealistic. Stronghold 3, because of graphic and strange soldiers (which you command), was also unplayable. Please take it into consideration and don’t mess up this game, because I and many other people love it.

  3. please make multiplayer scenario mode so, we can build awesome multiplayer scenario maps which keeps the game popular and not dull.
    Secondly, take example warcraft 3, its still so popular because it has flexible structure, perfect map editor and supports programming languages, open source. Thus you should make the game completely moddable and open source, so it can be still popular thanks to fans of shc 2.

  4. Is stronghold 2 going to be more like stronghold 2 -Legends or like a real stronghold crusader? I didn’t like this cartoonish style of crusaders followers.. And I always liked that crusader was pretty historical correct.

    Your sincearly Stefan – Germany

  5. Winter, spring, summer, winter, such as climatic events definitely be in the game grown plants or plants in a greenhouse-style places like oranges in the winter should be

  6. I think that the biggest and greatest feature that you can annonce for Stronghold Crusader 2 is simply bigger maps than ever before, make them 4 times bigger than the first Stronghold Crusader and many people would prais that game.

  7. This stronghold 2 creation will be great joy and fun for all fans of stronghold.I personally appreciate those people who came by this idea of stronghold 2 creation and i hope everyone will enjoy this game

  8. Will you be making wall customization as advanced as in stronghold 2????? Example: stackable walls (when next to eachother).

    Oh and please make building sizes smaller(not walls) and maps larger. Either one would be very very nice.

  9. anyway i think one of the best things about sh1 and crusader was the fact that you could make anything- buildings didn’t have area and other weird but wonderful things like how walls could be placed on the side of cliff to form massive walls and scenes from movies like lord of the rings could be made because you could play around with how high the walls(it was a bit like minecraft but in a stragety game)-

  10. just looking at the media- it looks really good! personally it looks like youve gone with the sh2 feel which i really like- but you also have added extra realism with unit detail- just want to buy it now!

  11. Which are the minimum system requirements in order to play smoothly this awesome game?

  12. Make everything small and make the maps more more huger, so the castles/keeps and battles would be much bigger and cooler
    Work on moats and improve them a lot because an important part of many of ours’ castles is MOATS.
    Sizes in the screenshots is too strange (as told above)
    At last we really really love to see big armies to be usable in big battles, what I really love to see is BIG battles.

    And finally my question is:
    How is battles in sc2?
    How large are the maps?

  13. Why do not you enter the Arabic language? Because there is a lot of Arab observers for stronghold crusader

  14. I’m hopeful you will include a Free Look camera option. Otherwise what’s the point of a fully 3D game? Nothing is cooler than zooming in and panning/pitching around to watch your units work or fight from all angles. Looking forward to the game.

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