Community Q&A Video – Part 1

In our final E3 update we have released the first in our new series of Community Q&A Videos. Nick from Firefly responds to the first set of questions from you, the fans! Reaching out to Stronghold players everywhere, we have ploughed through the forums, Twitter and Facebook pages for the most frequently asked questions about the long-awaited strategy sequel. After collecting a series of 40 questions Nick has answered the first 10 in a new video.

The new video, which is the first in a series of four to be released in the coming weeks, answers a wide array of questions on the upcoming strategy sequel. From the most common questions through to specific details, we are using the freedom of self-publishing to reveal all to the Stronghold community, realising the transparent relationship between developers, press and journalists that we have always strived for.

Although this concludes our series of three big reveals for Stronghold Crusader 2 at E3 2013, additional announcements and new material will emerge in the coming weeks and months before release. The next release will be our second Q&A video on June 27th.