Community Q&A Video – Part 2


We have just released the second in our series of Community Q&A videos. Nick from Firefly responds to another volley of questions from the fans, covering topics such as returning AI characters, LAN multiplayer and features being brought over from the original Stronghold Crusader. This new video answers another 10 questions from the 40 submitted by players so far.

This new Q&A is the second in a series of four, our plan being to release a new video every two weeks. Focussing largely on players’ questions about the link between Crusader 2 and the original Stronghold Crusader, the video is definitely one for fans of the original game. Players have been keen to find out exactly which of their favourite features and characters will be returning and while we’re not ready to announce all of these just yet there are several key features we can confirm at this early stage. Also covered are our plans for LAN multiplayer and the likelihood of a non-digital version of the game.

Although our big E3 reveals for Stronghold Crusader 2 have come to an end, this is an example of the kind of material you can expect to emerge in the coming weeks and months. The next release will be our third Q&A video on Thursday 11th July, but we have other content planned for release so stay tuned!

  1. As the Windows is going to be Touch-Friendly I think that this game NEEDS to support Touch!
    Keep up good works guys!!! 😀

  2. will the game feature characters such as the pig, or will it have a new story line?

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