Community Q&A Video – Part 3


Another week, another community question and answer feature direct from our London stronghold. Our penultimate third Community Q&A video tackles another round of questions submitted by fans and answered by Firefly. This new video covers a number of big issues for fans of the Crusader games, such as Crusader trails, Steam achievements, Free Build mode and the possibility of a Crusader 2 demo!

This is the third in a series of four Q&A videos, focussing entirely on the questions you have about our strategy sequel. These videos are made solely for fans of the original game hungry for Crusader 2 facts and figures, to show you that everyone at Firefly is listening to feedback and working hard to make this a worthy sequel to Stronghold Crusader.

We do hope you are enjoying our series of Q&A videos. The fourth and final Q&A will be released on Thursday 25th July.

  1. SHC 1 has not a short keys system as good as Age of Empires series. Will you upgrade it on SHC2?.

  2. Will we be able to change our starting units such as starting with pikemen, crossbowmen and macemen? (Like Wolf’s or Sheriff’s Crusader Game starting troops, and I think Player starts as Richard as a Crusader Lord, and as Saladin as an Arabic Lord, correct me if I’m wrong.) This is what i want most! Second, well, can you clarify new resource types? I think there are milk and vegetables, as new, or green bag was hops again? Thanks!

  3. Will there be separated factions ( Saladin, Richard..) as each has their special units, like one has crusaders and the other has Arabian forces?? thanks..

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