Community Q&A Video – Part 4


Once again Firefly answers your questions in our latest community question and answer feature for our upcoming strategy sequel. Our new video responds largely to questions about multiplayer, but also covers hot topics such as system requirements. Along with the previous three videos we should now have covered all basic information related to Stronghold Crusader 2, driving home the message that we are being completely transparent with players and fans alike.

We hope you enjoyed our series of four Community Q&A videos for Stronghold Crusader 2, it has been our pleasure to answer all the great questions put to us. As an independent developer you want to have a direct relationship with your fans and this is just one way we are trying to accomplish that. Although we had planned for this fourth video to be our last, we have in fact collected another 20 questions submitted by the community via email, Twitter, Facebook and in the official forums. These questions will soon spawn another two Q&A videos, which we plan to release soon, in addition to other planned video content.

Stay tuned!

  1. maximum army size? and will AI be realy AI. or will they always make the same castle and same strategies, and same dumb mistakes?

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