New Siege Equipment: Ballista and War Wolf


Of all the playable units in the original Stronghold, Crusader and beyond we have always had a soft spot for a bit of siege equipment! There’s something about firing a trebuchet and watching the boulder glide elegantly through the air, before crashing down on unsuspecting archers and the walls that were standing a few moments ago…

In Crusader 2 we will be introducing new siege equipment in the form of the now mobile Ballista and War Wolf. Both units, which can be built at the Siege Camp for a price, will use fully accurate ballistic physics when they fire. So when a catapult boulder or ballista bolt is fired nearly every factor of trajectory and impact is taken into account. Projectiles won’t simply home in on targets, after all these are brute force weapons of war not delicate instruments! Just like in real life there will always be a chance for the boulder or bolt to miss its intended target, giving mounted enemies just enough time to rush in and counter attack. That said when they do hit your opponents will feel it. Buildings collapse under their weakend foundations, castle walls break away stone by stone and troops will be blasted off their feet!

  1. Cool We Need The Ballista Attack With two types stone and fire So To Let The Player Choose The Style of play Example Fire = Farms House Damge _ Stone = Wall And Strong Things to take it down

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