Music and SFX: Behind the Scenes


A close friend of Firefly, Robert Euvino has worked as composer on the Stronghold series since its inception, starting with the original Stronghold in 2001. We are absolutely thrilled to say that he will be returning for Stronghold Crusader 2!

Check out the video to go behind the scenes and find out exactly how he gets the squelching noises that accompany death by the sword.

“The Crusader genre in general is amongst my favourite to work on. Mostly because it allows me to explore a lot of exotic instruments and mysterious sounds”, said Robert on his return to Stronghold. “It’s also a great excuse to get together with some super talented musicians who play all these various eccentric instruments and, while I am the composer and arranger, these other players really deserve a lot of the credit for helping create the atmosphere you’ll be hearing.”