Arabic Campaign Reveal



In our third Community Q&A and various interviews we alluded to a special single-player campaign that we weren’t ready to reveal at the time. This new campaign, which we are proud to finally reveal today, is something that you haven’t seen in a Stronghold game before…

The Arabic Campaign will be a fully featured single player campaign focusing on the exploits of the Arabic forces during our tongue-in-cheek rendition of the Crusades. A first for the Stronghold series, this new campaign will be comparable in length to the game’s Crusader campaign, with around the same number of missions.

Players will assume the role of the mighty Saladin, rather than Richard the Lionheart. Commanding his troop of Arabic freedom fighters, following the invasion of their lands at the hands of the brutal Crusaders, the Saladin must rebuild his army, seek vengeance on those that betrayed him and take back what was lost to Richard and his armies!