Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage & Interview

Mr Seraxia interviews Nick from Firefly about the ongoing development, changes and features found in Stronghold Crusader 2. Click here for your first look at pre-Alpha multiplayer gameplay, including a look at the War Wolf and Sassanid Knight in action!

  1. Looks very nice, but I expect much more from final version, like nicer design of buildings and those things. Good work Firefly. 😉

  2. I love this game, but I’ve always had a problem with how slow the units moved. I understand that they have armor and such, but the game would flow so much better if the units were running wherever they went. It would make castle siege so much more exciting if you could see the intensity of the units running up to the castle walls and at each other’s defenses. The game would move at a more exciting pace. Just a thought.

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