Old Guard: Templar Knight


The marauding Templar Knight is our very own spiritual successor to the mounted Knight, another classic Crusader 1 troop type. In the spirit of revealing new units alongside their special abilities, we are pleased to announce that the Knight in Crusader 2 will be able to dismount from his horse and continue fighting, even when the mighty steed has taken its last breath.

A heavily-armoured unit best used for ‘tanking’, the Templar Knight is not to be trifled with. With some of the highest ratings in the game for hit points and attack damage, the Knight will win a one-to-one fight with any other unit. On horseback he is even more dangerous with the ability to attack while mounted and be protected from damage while his horse is still alive. The drawback to this power is a slow movement speed on foot. Additionly each Knight unit has a very high Gold cost, while Stables are required to spawn and house Horses to carry them into battle.


As with any armoured unit the key to taking him down will be a good choice of counter units and, of course, greater numbers! During the Crusades Templar Knights were known to be able to take down multiple adversaries and this is reflected in the game. As such you will need squads of mobile ranged units such as the Horse Archers or a number of Sassanid Knights, a similar type of high-cost and high-power armoured troop.


We hope you enjoyed the reveal and look forward to plenty more!

  1. Deff a nice feature. Dismounting is what killed using knights in SC back in 02′. I think it would be really cool to be able to use different types of armor in the game like what if mace men could be equipped with metal armor instead of leather? Think of that one aye?

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