New Blood: The Sassanid Knight


The Sassanid Knight is a new addition to the Stronghold roster and rival to the Crusader Templar Knight revealed last week. Unlike the Templar the more nimble Sassanid Knight uses a spear as his weapon of choice, meaning he cannot dismount or attack on foot. To offset this negative trait the Sassanid has a unique Charge ability, which can be activated by commanding a Knight to attack when his ability is ready, which can be seen in their idle stance.

When charging the Sassanid Knight will travel twice as fast, delivering a massive amount of damage when he connects with an enemy at the end of a charge. A unit with medium protection and a fair number of hit points, the Sassanid Knight is an effective ‘rush’ unit able to reach far off enemies and deal high damage in a short space of time. Similar in its offensive capabilites to the Whirling Dervish, this Knight is best used for precise attacks on specific enemy units or against groups of weaker troops.


As with all Arabic units another advantage the Sassanid has over his Crusader counterpart is that, despite costing more than double the amount of Gold to recruit, he does not need a complex economy to support him. After selecting the Mercenary Post the mounted Sassnid can be recruited in a single click, without the need to build Stables for horses, an armoury or weapon production buildings, all of which are required for the Templar Knight. What this means is that with enough gold a squad of Sassanid Knights can be quickly trained and sent into battle, making them a good unit for responding to an attack or greater numbers.


He also looks very, very cool.