Crusader 2 Coming Summer 2014


Morning, your Lordship! We are happy to announce that Stronghold Crusader 2 will be released this year during the desert heat of summer 2014. When it comes to developing Crusader 2 the mission has always been to take our time and create a fun, stable game that meets your expectations as players and fans of the series. Development has been ongoing since 2012 and we are at a point now when we can start play testing, bug fixing and planning the beta.


Releasing in the summer is a little later than we had initially hoped, but once again our intention is to release a game that lives up to the Crusader name. Whenever we meet someone who played and enjoyed the original they always have a story to tell about the time they finally beat that hard as nails Crusader Trail mission or when they took on seven AI opponents at once! When people have such fond memories you can’t rush a sequel out the door, which is why we have chosen to take our time when it comes to feature implementation and play testing. We’re at a point now where we can dip into skirmish mode or a multiplayer game during lunch and have fun, which is a fantastic feeling for the team.


With the game in its current state we can spend extra time tuning and tweaking the various new units and siege equipment that will soon be storming other players online. It will also mean we have enough time to reduce the number of bugs and crashes right down before launch and refine the core gameplay loops that make it fun. We know players are eager to get their hands on the game, but Crusader 2 must be fun, stable and complete at launch.

skirmish mission final

In the meantime you can look forward to frequent updates on development with a regular flow of new videos, screenshots, articles and blog posts in the run up to launch. We will also be releasing information on the beta and should be able to provide a final release date towards the end of the spring.

As the Caliph would say… “You have not seen the last of us! Infidel!”

  1. I just hope this game will be at least as good as the first Stronghold Crusader. Can’t wait!

  2. I Think is Best Game Ever! ( Can you add system requirekments) Sry for bad english

    I Had played all Stronghold’s Steam/Legaly and these it best games Create Faster ! :)) (Add more Missions in Stronghold Crusader Full Completed)

    So add more :)) I Love Stronghold and Firefly Studios /FireflyWorlds

    Plz Create Faster ! Plz 🙂

  3. Looking forward to the beta. I will be on Stronghold Kingdoms world 4 as Libs until then!!

  4. The 1st strategy game i tried n i now i dont wish to try any other cz I liked it VERYYY MUCH…looking for the higher versions of the game.

  5. Take your time Firefly! And remember game play first, Crusader is all about it, graphics or cool visual effects doesn’t matter!

    • Finnfan, what you just said doesn’t make any sense, if graphics or cool visual effect don’t matter then just play the first stronghold crusader. jeeze i sometimes wonder if people ever think before they speak.

  6. Wäre schön, wenn es wieder ein Stronghold gäbe, das an die ersten beiden Teile anknüpft. Mit Single-Player-Missionen und schönen, detailliertem Editor, mit dem man auch Kamapgnen machen kann.
    *oh, ich träum ja gar nicht*

  7. This was the first Stratagey game I ever play. And since then ive tried playing different stratagey games but nothing is as good as strong hold they were just fillers for me. Keep up the great work guys I’m going to go play stronghold crusader.

  8. Hello i hope this game will be released faster i can’t wait to play it … I really want this game to be at least as good as the first stronghold crusader because that was the game i played when i was 4 i played it like 6 years with the AI trying to imitate AI castles like rat castle Snake castle . So if you can don’t mess this game up for now it looks awesome.This game is the single game that i hoped since last 4 years !!!

  9. Sounds good to me and I hope I will get a Beta Key.. already bought one at Gambitious but the Crowdfunding Campaign wasn’t successful. :/
    I hoped to play it this spring, because it was with ‘Thief (4)’ the only game I was waiting for but sure it’s more important to release it without bugs.. I wish good luck. It is about time to give us the game we’re wating for..

    Maybe it’s time to install Stronghold Crusader for a few rounds, again.. still my fav. Multiplayer RTS. ♥

  10. I loved the original Stronghold, aswell as Stronghold Crusader and to some extent Stronghold 2. While Stronghold 2 has some shortcomings compared to its predecessors, it has strong elements aswell and it kept some of the features I loved about the “original” Stronghold games. To name some of them: The grid, the wall system – beeing able to add layers to a wall in particular and the vogue system. It even had AI oponents!
    My “love” to the franchise was however distrubed when Stronghold 3 came out. The “core elements” that made Stronghold games to what they are for me were taken out and replaced by weaker, seemingly rushed out and displaced elements.
    Now I don’t know the things that went off in the background, far away from the public and therefore I wont judge FF studios at all.
    I just really hope that Stronghold Crusader 2 will be the worthy successor to one my most beloved castle sims out there. And while it may have some new stuff that may deter me at the begining(which stronghold 2 had aswell) I will be fine as long as the core elements are still there (and I can adapt to the “new stuff”, just like in Stronghold 2).

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