New Blood: Oil Pot Thrower


In the heat of the desert, there will be no respite for the knight who unwittingly crosses the path of an Oil Pot Thrower. These medieval fire bringers are a renewed form of the Fire Throwers from the original Stronghold Crusader and since then their hunger for fire has only grown stronger…


Oil Pot Throwers are constantly on edge and around them you should be too! A well placed squad of Oil Pot Throwers can incinerate a tightly packed army, quickly turning them into a screaming mass of burning agony with only a mounting pile of blackened corpses remaining. Oil Pot Throwers love nothing more than a beefed up army of Swordsmen and Knights marching cluelessly into a choke point. Metal armour offers little protection against explosions of fire erupting all around you, making confined spaces exactly the kind of place where Pot Throwers flourish. The price of high armour is a slow movement speed, making an escape from the fires of an Oil Pot Thrower a tale many knights will not live to tell.


Like all units in the game, Oil Pot Throwers have their share of weaknesses as well. Their combination of a low attacking range and relatively few hitpoints means they’re often the first units targeted by enemy Archers, who can pick them off easily from a distance. They are also something of a double-edged sword. Your own troops are not magically protected from the fire they create and as such it will burn up your own army just as quickly as your opponents’ if you let it. This makes them well placed on castle walls where they can put a stop to advancing armies regardless of their numbers numbers, although you will want to pull them back if any Archers join the siege.


You’ll need to be mindful of your own building placement as well. Sending Oil Pot Throwers to guard your Granary is a bad move, as they’re just as likely to set it alight as any harassing soldiers nearby. A single overlooked Oil Pot Thrower inside your walls is enough to bring about a castle-wide blaze of fiery destruction!

  1. I hope that the game comes supportive of many languages

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