New Screenshot Gallery


We have just released a new screenshot gallery for Crusader 2 showing off the game’s first single-player campaign. Also featured are tornados, boats, burning farmlands and new multiplayer maps! “Lionheart” chronicles the Crusader forces’ invasion of the holy lands, setting the scene for the Arabic campaign which picks up where the Crusader story ends. The new screenshots can be found in the Screenshots section of our Media page.


Although announcing the title of the Crusader campaign drops fairly bit hint (!) about which characters will be making their return in Crusader 2, we enjoy teasing things as much as the next developer. As a team we are looking forward to players experiencing the Crusader campaign, although we fully expect the skilled Stronghold community to blast through it on the road to online domination. The game’s single player campaigns are really stepping stones to high level skirmish play and multiplayer, but we wanted to make sure we included them in the game at launch.


In the days of Early Access and open betas it is tempting to add large features via post-release updates. With Crusader 2 we will continue to support the game after launch, as we have always done with the Stronghold series, however we wanted the game to feel complete as soon as it is made available. Fans of the first game have been waiting almost 12 years now for their chance to return to Crusader, so the least we can do is include everything they expect from the game at launch.


  1. Great work guys! I’m 30 years old and grow playing Stronghold Crusader tournaments and ladders in game spy arcade and Clans. I have a lot of love for this game and look forward to get hands on Stronghold Crusader 2, keep up the good work. I just ask for it to be as good as the first 1 (by the videos I feel it will be), gameplay and multiplayer community and a good loby above all else and it will be a sucess. All the best and thank you for your hard work.

  2. This game looks great! I have been a strong, loyal fan enjoying every moment of the original Stronghold Crusader since its first release back in 2002. Now this looks like a worthy sequel and hopefully is as good if not 1000’s of times better than the first.

  3. I know everything you guys do is what you think is best for the game, but please don’t leave out my favorite game mode. Campaign modes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.. All i like to do in the original stronghold is pair myself up against 7 other npc kingdoms and free build / attack, it may sound repetitive to some people but it has a since of accomplishment when you finally take out your enemy, or even sharing goods with an ally. It seems like these games don’t ever have a large consistent multiplayer fan base so this is a great alternative that sadly none of the other stronghold games have!. thanks for all the hard work its looking great!

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