Stronghold Crusader 2 at PAX East



Next week a few of us here at Firefly will be packing our bags and flying ‘over the pond’, bringing a new Crusader 2 demo to PAX East 2014! One of the largest gaming conventions in the US, we will be joining the other incredible devs at the Indie MEGABOOTH. Here we will be showing the very first single-player build of Stronghold Crusader 2.

Come join us between April 11th and April 13th for an opportunity to experience a hands-on version of the latest demo and chat with the developers behind the game. We will be located at Booth #30 in the Indie MEGABOOTH allowing visitors and press to play against the fearsome Caliph, one of the game’s most difficult AI opponents. This new version will include a brand new map, a higher difficulty and give a good feeling for the game’s Skirmish Mode. There will also be exclusive PAX giveaways so if you’re planning on visiting us get in early.

You can read more about the Indie MEGABOOTH here.

See you in Boston!