Meet Saladin


Following on from the reveal of Saladin in our Skirmish Trailer we have put together some new gameplay footage of the illustrious Lord in action. Don’t forget the Stronghold Crusader 2 team will be at PAX East all weekend so if you’re in the area and attending the show be sure you drop by! saladin_preview_youtube

A classic character returning from the original Stronghold: Crusader, the Saladin is essentially the good guy in Stronghold Crusader 2. After blasting through the Crusader campaign you will be invited to play as Saladin in his fight to take back the holy lands from Richard the Lionheart and the invading Crusader hordes. Without spoiling anything you can expect to encounter a few familiar faces on your road to confront Richard. Some will be friendly with others out to get you, so keep your guard up and exact revenge when necessary!


Since the team is bringing Saladin back from the first game we don’t want to change too much with regards to his play style. As such when it comes to choice of units and AI behaviour it is largely business as usual, the difference comes when we start attacking Saladin and seeing just how he reacts. Our game’s AI has been built from the ground up with the classic level of Crusader difficulty in mind. Players can therefore expect to encounter a fair amount of resistance when playing against Saladin in skirmish mode, where the AI has free reign to expand its castle and harass the players as it deems fit.

  1. I miss the moats. Dry moats slow down every attack or must be filled to use a ram or other siege equipment. Massive walls allowed horse-archers to ride and fire, Such walls need ramps. The horsearchers can climb such walls riding. Also you can use catapults or other war machines to defend the walls. The real Saladin used camels to transport the giant numbers of arrows for the horsearchers. The protection of the trade routes would be a miltary task to realise the victory faster. Heavy footarchers are spanning there bows with their feets and fire heavy arrows. This heavy arrows can wound also knights with chain mails. War monks were not only a christian unit. Body Guards as elite units can be chosen as knights, mounted or dismounted. More as 20000 european knights served at Saladin and for other Sultans. Mamelucks as Heave Cavalry are the moslemic Body Guard. These Body Guards fight till the last is dead. In the Original Stronghold Crusader the Lord liked play often a hero and his knights died after him. That`s not o.k. Crossbbows were also used from moslemic units, not only to defend cities, also in the field battle. Sultan Baibars was a crossbowman. Armoured Archers are a interesting unit to reduce the losses in the field battle. Spear walls are not a a tactical ability of European units. Watch towers are an important building to warn the castle.

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