Engineers at Launch


In response to player feedback, we have completed testing the effect of Siege Engineers on system performance and optimisation in Stronghold Crusader 2. After adding Engineers to the Battering Ram, Catapult, Mantlet and Ballista it is clear this would have minimal impact on game performance. As such we are happy to announce that Siege Engineers will indeed be returning in Stronghold Crusader 2!

We know how much attention to detail means to the Stronghold community, especially when it comes to the little things. By adding Engineers and other Crusader 1 features like ‘strongwall’ we have done our best to accomplish this. New features also improve on this realism, such as new troop animations that show your soldiers taking out tools when dismantling castle walls, rather than simply attacking the wall with their sharpened weapons! Like you we have always valued the importance of details such as these and we agree that a lack of Engineers steering and operating siege equipment in the game would feel unrealistic and unlike the Stronghold that we know and love.


Early on in the development process we focussed on optimising Crusader 2’s technical performance on a wide range of PCs, the reason for which Siege Engineers were initially removed. However our tests have shown no negative effects when reintroducing the Engineer’s character models and animations. While Siege Engineers may still be missing from older game footage and screenshots, we can assure you they will be included in the game at launch.

  1. The Siege tower and the ladder should be included and indeed be returning in Stronghold Crusader 2!
    If do this, the game may be more reality and enjoyable!
    Stronghold 1 and Stronghold Crusader 1 also include The Siege tower and the ladder!
    In addition, the fire which we see in this game may not good.
    Finally, I love and support this game very much!Thank firefly a lot!

  2. Hey Guys Please i have an idea the catapult and the trubchet Can attack From A Far Distance Please Try to make it With Far Distance Features
    as Medieval 2 total war Crusaders 🙂

  3. I have asked this on many forums and youtube videos but have yet to see an answer: Will it be possible to use the strong wall option in single player?

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