Extra Large Maps


When making a new Stronghold game we pay attention to as many comments and questions that come up during development. Over the past few months we have noticed some players’ concern about the size of our test maps and we would like to make a statement on the matter, just to clear up any misunderstanding. When Crusader 2 launches later this year the game will include extra large maps, with the ability to make custom maps using the game’s Map Editor.

As many players have already pointed out a good number of our screenshots are taken from custom maps used to test game features and changes to the code. These maps are also useful for getting as much detail as possible into a single image, demonstrating what our latest piece of news is about or quickly getting the action going for testing purposes. When Crusader 2 is released players will be able to play small, medium, large and extra large maps.

To put this into context on our largest map size it takes an Archer, a fairly quick unit, 3 minutes and 40 seconds to walk across it in a straight line. Keep in mind that this test was performed on a flat map devoid of structures, throw some buildings, walls and terrain in there and it would take even longer!

  1. This is great news. Is the map editor by chance the same as the one in SHC1? I don’t like the modern map maker most games have these days the ones you would see in games like Age of Empires3 or Children of the Nile and the like with a sort of windows like map editor where everything is accessible though dropdown menues.

    I much perfered the one in stronghold crusader. Where I could just “paint” rocks, terrain, and rivers/oasis’s. Its much more fun and user friendly.

  2. As a fan, I would point out the following:
    1) Please create as big maps as You can.
    2) Remove the spear throwing feature from spearmen – archers and other missile units are useless if speramen deal a lot of damage that way. I would simply bring back the old spearmen.

    Thanks for your attention and hope this game turnes out epic

  3. Looks got that far. But it seems to be turned to multiplayers. A good map and campaing editor would be nice too 🙂

  4. Will Stronghold Crusader II also feature the map mode in where you could just place units/mountians/buildings and let them fight without having to build an economy or needing an enemy AI/player? (as seen in Stronghold crusader I and Castle Sim)

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