E3 2014 Stage Demo

Post Pic InterviewLast week we sat down with GameSpot to live stream our E3 skirmish demo against Richard the Lionheart. Check out the video to see our very first public demonstration of Crusader 2 at Beta, with a skirmish trail mission set on the coasts of the Middle East. While our Producer Paul tackles Richard head on in a fierce skirmish battle, Nick provides live commentary and gives us detailed insights into what players can expect from the upcoming Stronghold title.

Showing the Beta build at E3 and having people experience the game hands-on at events like PAX East, Rezzed and Eurogamer has been an incredible experience for us. We’re thrilled at the feedback we received from fans of the series who tried out Crusader 2 for the first time, many displaying an extraordinary level of skill. With all the core gameplay features implemented and completed, we can now fully concentrate on using this feedback to polish, balance and tweak the game to create the game our fans love and deserve.