Video Competition Voting Now Live

Video_comp_DE smallWe are thrilled to present you with seven creative, exciting and heart-warming videos for you to vote on! Two weeks ago we asked you to create your own videos demonstrating your passion for Stronghold Crusader, for a chance to win access to the E3 demo and to have one of the peasants in Crusader 2 be named after you. We’ve received a variety of videos, ranging from song-remixes using Crusader soundbites to tales told with custom battles. Due to the large amount of submitted videos, we’ve narrowed them down to seven.

(Click the images to open the videos)

1) PerrinContest_Video_Pic_1

2) AlessandroContest_Video_Pic_2

3) Marc – Contest_Video_Pic_3

4) LeenContest_Video_Pic_4

5) PhilipContest_Video_Pic_5

6) MathiasContest_Video_Pic_6

7) IrfanContest_Video_Pic_7


In order to vote for your favourite video, visit our official Stronghold Crusader 2 Facebook Page post the name of your personal winner in a comment on the post. Everyone will only be allowed to vote once, multiple votes will not be counted. Voting will close on Sunday, July 6th at 17:00 GMT and the winner will be announced the following day on Monday July 7th.

We want to thank everyone who dedicated their time to creating and submitted a video. Even if your video didn’t make it into the final voting, we were amazed and taken back by all entries and want to congratulate everyone for the outstanding work.