Interview with Simon Bradbury

In this new interview YouTube Content Creator Quill18 and Firefly Lead Designer Simon Bradbury spend nearly an hour discussing Stronghold Crusader 2. Creating a new experience with innovative features while staying true to the original game can be a difficult task, but we are up to the challenge! Simon talks about co-op, new unit abilities, Steam Workshop integration and how all these things are being tested and balanced as we speak.

This new video also includes gameplay footage of Quill18 playing through our PAX East demo, which features a skirmish match against the tyrannical Caliph. When we first presented this map many of you asked about map sizes, unit caps and the interaction with AI characters. To shed light on some of these questions, Simon explains how the unit caps work for multiplayer games, what new possibilities players have to diplomatically interact with AI in skirmish matches and what players can expect from Stronghold Crusader 2 post-release!