IGN Preview

IGN recently interviewed Firefly Lead Designer Simon Bradbury, exploring the novelties of Stronghold Crusader 2 and the changes made to the development process. Looking at Crusader 2 from the perspective of a novice Stronghold player, Mikel was tantalised by the far reaching complexity of the core Stronghold gameplay. In this new preview he reports his first impressions after encountering Richard the Lionheart, one of the fiercest AI opponents in the game.

Writing for the outlet, Mikel Reparaz reports describes his humiliating defeat as “a little taste of what’s in store when the medieval RTS/castle-building sim arrives on September 2. It sports an impressive-sounding list of features, with skirmishes against up to seven customizable AI opponents, co-op in which two players can manage the same army and the simple thrill of seeing your enemies’ castle walls crumble in 3D, with Havok physics.”