Steam Sale & New Update


To celebrate the start of the Steam Lunar New Year Sale we have just released a small update adding three extra skirmish maps to the game!  Punish complacent players in Around The Cross by claiming the higher ground, adapt to your environment in A Long River or control vital supply lines on Fire Fight! This update is completely free and will download automatically via the Steam client. More

New DLC, Maps & Optimisations


Due to popular demand we have released the Delivering Justice and Freedom Fighters mini-campaigns on Steam! Formerly a pre-order exclusive and made available later as part of the Ultimate Edition, we have released these mini-DLCs so that all players can complete their Crusader 2 collection. Achievement hunters and Stronghold veterans can now pick up each DLC individually for $0.99, £0.99 or €0.99. More

Steam Winter Sale

gog_tourny_post_3No matter your location, climate or cultural background, one thing is certain to connect us all at this time of year: The Steam Winter Sale! But if you had the choice, why not spend your cold winter days in the warm desert, exploring exotic oases and meeting new cultures on the battlefield? With hefty discounts of up to 75% on Stronghold Crusader 2 and all your favourite Stronghold games, you can now celebrate your holidays as a mighty Stronghold Lord! More

Mini-Campaign DLC

enFor over a year now the learning campaigns ‘Delivering Justice’ and ‘Freedom Fighters’ have remained exclusive to those who pre-ordered Stronghold Crusader 2 or purchased the Ultimate Edition, released last month. After the release we saw a significant number of requests to make these campaigns available for purchase by existing owners of the base game and we now have good news: The mini-campaigns will soon be available on Steam!


GOG Tournament Finals

gog_finals_main_screen_1Just two players are left standing following Dardamen’s slaughter in the players’ bracket. They are no doubt now hard at work improving their APM and will soon be ready to clash horns in the GOG tournament semi-finals this Sunday! Our brave winner will then go on to do battle with the Firefly branch winner. More

Steam Autumn Sale


It is time. Do you feel that uncontrollable desire to grow your already gargantuan Steam Library? Do you dream of owning countless indie games, bundles and heavily discounted AAA titles? Good news! Firefly Studios are taking part in the sale that absolutely no one saw coming: the Steam Autumn Sale! More

November Update


We have just released an update for Stronghold Crusader 2 addressing a few small issues reported by players. We are also planning to release a second update next month in the run up to Christmas, so stay tuned! This will include one final map pack for the game featuring maps that we were unable to fit into prior updates this year. Once again thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy today’s update!


Out Now on GOG


Don’t like DRM? Good news! Firefly have partnered with GOG to release Stronghold Crusader 2 DRM-free, with added support for the online gaming platform GOG Galaxy allowing you to enjoy multiplayer with friends. Today the game finally releases DRM-free on GOG with a new trailer, as well as promotional discounts of 66% off the base game and 50% off all DLC for the next five days. More

Contestants Revealed


Our swords polished, the battlefield prepared and eight contestants chosen… We are ready to fight! Starting this Friday November 20th, our brave team of developers will be taking on a group of eight randomly-selected players to compete for the title of Stronghold Crusader 2 Winter Champion in 2015. As always each battle will be accompanied by live commentary and plenty of chances for viewers to win GOG codes for our games and DLC. Read on for a list of contestants and full details. More